Winning Media Communication is an integrated Marketing + Advertising + Public Relation Agency that is committed to deliver the best sales driven concepts & creative solutions. We deliver measurable results so that our clients achieve sustainable, profitable growth. We deliver exactly what you need. With the highest of ethical standards and pure dedication to excellence in all aspects, we aspire to exceed our client’s & advertiser’s expectations. Our philosophy is to apply our services, where we can deliver an optimum return on investment (ROI) for our clients.

At Winning Media Communication branding, marketing & advertising are considered the main forces that carry our sales-driven concepts to local & international market. We deliver value to our clients with our original strategies and creative sales thinking backed up by the best performing team with technical excellence. 


Winning Media Communication founded by Ed Zahrin, seasonal marketers more than 15 over years.  Started his stints in a national newspaper with Utusan group as an advertising exec, prior to that he oversees multiples brand of Malay magazine ranging from women and lifestyles theme while handling various advertisers and helping big brands craft their print ads campaign to reach out to Malays readers. An avid learner of marketing at heart, he was promoted to market Kosmo! the lifestyle tabloid at the infant stage and Kosmo! has grown up well until now. Within this period he has worked closely with various ads agencies who serve clients like McDonald’s, Digi Telco, Nivia and Vitagen. After many years of experience a media owner, Ed moves up to the agency side from Warisan Advertising and Mantra Communication where he learnt in-depth details on advertising, public relation and ground activation jive together in making successful communication campaign.

Back in 2009, he also successfully managed an international conference with the organiser of Langkawi International Maritime and Air Exhibition. In later years, he continually pursuit his career with a local advertisement agency building local consumer brand like D’herbs-Terlajak Laris, Hermosa, Nurayssa and also corporate brand like Institut Jantung Negara, Malaysia Productivity Corporation, CIDB and so much more.

Our team

Winning Media Communication is a visionary communication, design and advertising agency based in Malaysia. Since 2016, WMC houses inspiration and creativity where like-minded, passionate people can work under one roof, specializing in developing honest branding projects, making ideas more insightful and effective, sharing unique ideas and bring them to life. It’s all about the creation of visual brand strategy, brand positioning and project implementation in the field of corporate and consumer identity. It’s all about simplicity, strategy, functionality, dialogue with clients, and hard work in order to create a strong, lasting and remarkable design, brand, message or campaign.



Zarrul has served various brands under his wings. An avid fan of digital marketing. A friendly chap but with analytical mind. 



Fatimah is our  visual concepts and using computer software, to communicate ideas that inspire, inform, or captivate consumers. They develop the overall layout and production design for advertisements, brochures, magazines, website design and corporate reports. She was a Diploma & Degree in Fine Art but love to learn computer skills. 



be responsible for supporting organisation in a variety of ways including bookkeeping, communications, scheduling, data entry, secretarial services and much more



Hazirah is our Co-Editors who often work for print publications, websites or a combination of both. She works on a creative side which she creates content ideas and assigns stories to writers. With her passion and creativity, she was able to share & present to the client. Currently, she’s working with other creative teams to decide on design, copywriting and editing as well. She also edited video which is now mostly computer-based. She enjoys what she is doing, hardworking and believes with hard work and effort, you can achieve anything. Hazirah holds a Bachelor of Broadcasting in Mass Communication at UiTM Rembau, Negeri Sembilan.

We help you craft your brand strategy & help you achive desirable outcome